My name is Miranda. I have too many thoughts and not enough ways to show them.



I wish I was beautiful.

I hear a lot about girls my age and they spontaneously meet cute strangers who strike up a conversation with them randomly and I feel so horrible and ugly because that has never happened to me. 

I hear a lot about girls my age and they go out in public and random people compliment them and sweetly tell them that they’re beautiful and that has never happened to me, so I’m wondering, am I just not as pretty? am I ugly? 

No one has ever shown interest in me.

I hear about girls flirting to get things for free and I know that I could never do that.

I know this is so trivial, but it’s been nagging at me for a while now, and it would be nice to have some external validation, you know?

I just feel… non existent and bland.